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ohs and safe patient handlingOH&S and Safe Patient Handling

Keeping your staff safe at work is paramount for any employer.

Marlin Medical assists caregivers in safe patient handling with a wide range of specialised products. Marlin Medical has long been the sole distributor in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania of the world famous HoverTech® range of products; including reusable HoverMatts, single patient use HoverMatts, Split-Leg HoverMatts and HoverJacks. HoverTech® continue to set the highest standard in Safe Patient Handling and Patient Transfer.

Our large range of Bariatric products caters for those healthcare facilities challenged with the accommodation and care of obese and morbidly obese patients and residents.  We also supply more consumable items such as slip resistant socks, anti-fatigue mats and slide sheets to assist in all areas of safe patient handling.